Races of Baladior

Dwarf; Small and hairy, Dwarves have a rugged work ethic. Never leaving a job finished these stubborn creatures often comprise the laborer portion of Baladior.On top of being hard workers, Dwarves are also heavy drinkers with a great alcohol tolerance, however that doesn’t stop them from trying.

Elf; Elves tend to be tall and thin. Elves within the walls of Baladior tend to be politicians, technological leaders, or magical advancement leaders. Elvish personalities range across the entire spectrum.

Halfling; These short humanoids are often entertainers and magicians. Street magic and playing dumb are among their greatest skill sets, but don’t let them fool you s being underestimated is their greatest strength.

Human; Humans of Baladior tend to end up wherever they fit in. Although humans fit in best with the most diverse of crowds they are often the most arrogant of all the races within Baladior.

Dragonborn; The Dragonborn are a half human half dragon race. Though they are rare per-capita, they are easy to spot often standing about seven feet tall. The Dragonborn are often very mysterious and tend to keep to themselves.

Gnome; Similar in size to a halfling, Gnomes specialize in enchantments and are often used to help fortify constructs, and protect the privacy of the politicians. Though Gnomes are very educated, they often lack common sense.

Half-Elf; A sub-breed between the humans and elves, they make up the largest racial group of Baladior and tend to fit in everywhere and do everything.

Half-Orc; Half-Orcs are the children of Baladior citizens and the ancestors of the refugees from Grush, an Orc nation that was one of the last to fall to Baladior. Half-Orcs are around six and a half feet tall on average. A large portion of Baladior racially profiles Half-Orcs as half bloods and to be found of lesser intelligence.

Tiefling; Originally the Tiefling were very rare in Baladior as their god did not allow them to grace the presence of the churches, believing the Tiefling to be spawn of an evil god they were not well accepted within Baladior. Lately though their population has increased quite a bit and the kingdom of Baladior has had no issue with this.

Races of Baladior

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